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Create Employee Surveys Quicker and Get Better Insights. For Less Money.

Run eNPS surveys, full employee engagement surveys, or any of our 50+ prebuilt pulse surveys. Save your time and sanity by letting our AI recommendations help you understand the data and build your plans.

Join 100+ companies now able to get AI-powered recommendations based on survey results

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Employee Survey Reports

Deep Dive on Employee Satisfaction

See details based on departments, locations, and more to get deeper insights about segments of your teams.

eNPS survey results report
Peoplelytics eNPS Survey Example

Enhanced eNPS Surveys

Stay Connected to Employee Sentiment

Your employees’ satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty can be tough to track. Our enhanced eNPS surveys help you measure and analyze quantitative and qualitative trends over time. 

50+ Employee Pulse Surveys

Easily Determine Areas that Need Attention

Whether it’s something broad like company culture, or something specific like benefits offerings – our survey tool and AI recommendations will help you find out and quickly plan how to resolve it.

Peoplelytics Culture Survey Example

Use Features That Unlock Insights

Enhanced eNPS Surveys

Send regular customizable employee net promoter score surveys to gauge internal team member satisfaction. Plus, use the optional culture sentiment option to quickly and easily measure up to 7 aspects of internal culture.

50+ Pre-built Employee Surveys

Survey team members on a host of topics, from remote work, to inclusion and belonging, and more! All our surveys are pre-built, yet customizable.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Start with our 50+ recommended questions or customize from over 150 available questions. Use pre-built options, enable scheduled reminders, white label your experience for free, and more!

Survey Reports

Get detailed insights on all the surveys you take, with segmentation possibilities for larger groups — all while keeping employees anonymous.

Engagement Reports

How many team members are taking surveys, is there a sense of fatigue, are people becoming more or less engaged? Our engagement reporting will help identify this and more.

Recommended Actions

Data and insights are a big part of the equation – but knowing what to do next is equally as important! We provide recommended next steps for your most pressing needs.

Invest in Your Team & Get Results

Improve retention and satisfaction and cultivate a better workplace

Resources for People Leaders


Learn about the benefits, get tips and best practices, learn about the calculations and how to boost low eNPS scores.

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After the dust settles on the annual survey, how do you keep an eye on things and measure improvement? Enter the pulse survey.

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