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About Our Company

Peoplelytics strives to create a better working environment for everyone. We want to help companies understand their employees and cultures better so they can run more successful businesses. 

The inspiration for the creation of Peoplelytics dates back to mid-2015 when Founder, Matt Koulas, experienced his first business acquisition as an employee.

Like many people who experience an acquisition while at a smaller company, the following months were a whirlwind of good and bad. The transition was not smooth, there weren’t effective feedback loops, and a seeming disinterest in how things were going from the acquiring company.

Pre-existing company culture suffered.

Good employees left.

Fast forward 5 years and multiple acquisitions later and the inspiration to truly focus on the people within an organization had manifested in Matt; a leader who had always prioritized people first in his teams. He wanted to help bring about change for employees everywhere and play a more active, wider role.

Founder & CEO

Matt Koulas

Matt Koulas

Grasshopper Acquisition

Matt’s first experience with a company acquisition, when Grasshopper is acquired by Citrix

May 18, 2015

Citrix Online Spinoff

Matt’s second experience with A&M when Citrix Online was spun out of Citrix and merged with LogMeIn

February 2017

LogMeIn Acquisitions

While at LogMeIn Matt was involved in a limited capacity in multiple acquisitions of smaller companies who became part of LogMeIn

2018 – 2019

Started Peoplelytics Product Development

Signed initial contract to begin development of the Peoplelytics product

April 30, 2022

Peoplelytics Officially Founded

Happy birthday to us!

March 2023

Peoplelytics MVP Product Launch

Initial base product offering is live with a waitlist for the full version

September 2023

Peoplelytics 2.0

A completely refreshed UX is launching, with expanded reporting capabilities and employee information details

March 2024