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Here are some of the more commonly asked questions around Peoplelytics for both sales and support considerations.


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Running an eNPS survey will give you feedback over time on your employees’ perception of your company culture and how satisfied they are working there. You can track this and how it changes over months, quarters, and years based on programs and initiatives you implement and actions occurring within your organization.

Yes! We try and provide recommendations and continued reading on the two primary areas of negative feedback from your employees to help you on your journey to improving company culture.

Yes. We do not store credit card information or passwords and employee data is all anonymized.

Most culture surveys should be run on a monthly or quarterly basis. Particularly keep in mind what you’re able to do to positively affect culture in between the surveys.

No, there is 1 primary eNPS survey. It asks employees to rate the company on a scale of 1-10. It provides an output of a single score between -100 and 100 depending on the percentage of promoters and detractors within the organization.

Yes, Peoplelytics currently offers a 30 day free trial on all plans. Peoplelytics is also available completely at zero cost for companies with 35 or fewer employees.

With culture surveys you can measure specific aspects of your company culture and how employees feel about specific aspects of your business, and your policies and more.

A culture survey is a specific survey about company culture. It can cover personal aspects such as belonging and inclusion, safety, performance reviews, professional development; or, can cover things like how the company is managing change in the organization, how leadership is perceived, etc.

You should send any culture survey that seems it may be a bigger issue in your organization or one that relates to a specific segment of feedback you’ve seen from your eNPS surveys.

Most companies run eNPS surveys on a monthly or quarterly basis. You may also run it twice per year as well.

Peoplelytics delivers a nearly anonymous survey experience for employees. Employee information is shielded from employers, and only if there are 5 or more responses for any segment of the company will full data be made available to the customer (employer). Survey links are static to specific employees on each survey for us to track results properly, however they are always randomized. Employers cannot track specific employees results unless that employee specifically identifies themself in written feedback in their survey responses.

Currently, Peoplelytics does not offer hands-on support or customer success programs. We are here if you experience issues with the system though. And if you need help getting started or would like a demo of the product we’re always happy to jump on a call or exchange emails to help you.

An eNPS survey is a “net promoter score” survey designed to identify the perceived satisfaction of your employees with working at your company.