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Matt Koulas

Matt has 15+ years of experience leading teams, working in companies with outstanding and innovative company culture, and operates two businesses of his own. His passion for company culture grew out of his personal experience with amazing company culture as well as the negative effects of acquisitions on culture.
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Post-Survey Follow Up Actions: What to do After Your Employee Survey Runs

You’ve done the hard work of building an employee engagement survey. You’ve put together incisive questions, you’ve involved employees in the process, and now you’re getting tons of high-quality feedback. There’s just one question left: Now what? It’s one thing to know why employees are disengaged. It’s another thing to

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Guide to Running Better Employee Engagement Surveys in 2024

Picture this: it’s about 11:30 a.m. Lunch is still a little way off, and your employees’ energy is flagging. Rather than getting work done, you look up from your office. The first thing you notice? Employees aren’t working. They’re sleeping. That would obviously be a bad thing. But lack of

Employees engaging in teamwork discussion

Teamwork and Collaboration Survey Tips, Questions, and Where to Start

We know that teamwork matters, but sometimes it can be hard to gauge what teamwork looks like within our organizations. No matter their size, companies want to know: Are their employees collaborating and leaning on the principles of teamwork across departments, functions, and roles? Or have their efforts to bring

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Employee Burnout and Work-Related Stress Surveys

The workplace is abuzz with the concept of employee burnout. Data shows that Google searches for “burnout” more than doubled in 2021. Since then, both searches for and cases of burnout have continued to rise. Burnout is a killer of employee retention, morale, engagement, and productivity. In a perfect world, employers would

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Mentor Program Survey Best Practices and Questions

Could your leadership and development programming use a stroke of genius? Answers to questions about how to enhance your L&D initiatives might be right under your nose. A mentorship survey is an excellent way to leverage the knowledge, opinions, and ideas of your most valuable resource—your talent. Through the use