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Employee Surveys

Deep-Dive on Specific Topics

With 50+ prebuilt employee surveys, you can get detailed insights quickly on a large number of topics. From onboarding, returning to work, wellness programs and more!

Peoplelytics Culture Survey Example

Simple ratings, deep insights

Get powerful insights from short surveys on specific topics to understand how your employees really feel about different topics – and unluck the truth behind employee experience

Detailed reports & AI-powered feedback based on your results

Once your survey results are in, we share detailed breakdowns of the data so you don’t have to export data and try to sort through yourself.

We also have recommendations for your next steps, where you need it most!

Employee survey results screenshot with AI recommendations
Peoplelytics employee management screen

Simple employee list management

Easily manage your team with simple bulk uploads, filtering, bulk actions, and more!

Gain insights on employee experience for over 50 topical areas of your business, one at a time, or all at once.