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Amy Arno

Amy Arno

Amy is an HR professional with 4+ years of experience. She is committed to changing company cultures by providing innovative solutions for employee retention and satisfaction. Her passion for company culture stemmed from personal experiences, and now she shares helpful insights to create thriving workplace environments.
group of employees engaging with eachother

5 Proven Employee Engagement Ideas To Boost Morale

Believe it or not, it’s not just customers who are growing your business, it’s your employees. Employee engagement not only helps build your business, but it also helps save your company money. Focusing on employee engagement should be a priority in how you run your business. However, employee engagement goes

Group of employees around a table

What do my Employees Need? How to Increase Employee Retention Rates 

Now, more than ever employees are honed in on what they truly want from a company. With ever-changing times, such as a pandemic and inflation, employees are letting us know it’s more than just higher compensation and better benefits they are looking for. As an organization, it’s important to know

Experienced professional woman at desk reviewing paperwork

How to Measure Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Employee engagement is a key part of your organization’s performance. The more engaged an employee is, the more productive, creative, and committed they are to your organization which significantly impacts your company’s wealth.  It’s imperative to keep up with measuring employee engagement so you can get a grasp on where

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Top 5 Benefits of Employee Surveys

The most valuable yet underrated tool business owners can use to understand the needs of their employees is surveys.  They are easy to use and provide employers with a good amount of feedback, however, employers are not taking full advantage of them.  Employee surveys are crucial for gauging the culture

Man thinking about how to improve his eNPS scores

How to be a Master at Improving Your Employee Net Promoter Score 

It’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t have turnover rates. However, when they’re higher than normal, it’s a cause for concern. Especially when you see your competitors are retaining their employees better than you, you start to question what they’re doing differently. You’re putting money into your employees just to